Life is filled with so many twists and turns.
Mentors are second only to experience.
For accelerated results, one must leap into action.
Finding mentors to review your approach is a big step.

Starting a business? Only a fool would ignore S.C.O.R.E.,
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Even twists & turns can be saddled to our mutual benefit.
The One Shortcut Expressway - help yourself

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Success shortcuts on our left, more success shortcuts on the right,
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NO ONE can cure you or heal you, including doctors, surgery, and supplements.
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No more excuses, the One Shortcut Expressway has been designed to empower you to empower yourself.
Better information invariably leads to better decisions,
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Even allowing for the sites that die over time because their hosts go out of business, etc.,
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From the One Shortcut Expressway and Best Route To Longevity, and down the line,
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The idea is to help you to help yourself in matters of health and wealth.
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You need to find the helpless and the hopeless... and help them.
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Let no man or woman seek to decry or deny the power of Newton's 3rd Law of Physics.
This is one of the ten most powerful secrets revealed in the history of the human race.

MisterShortcut urges you to help yourself, putting you in a better position to help others.
Here at the One Shortcut Expressway and all of these other "healthiest websites,"
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Learn more in order to live more, at your One Shortcut Expressway,

The One Shortcut Expressway is here for you.

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My One True Love - A love letter that is true for my one true love - by MisterShortcut

My one true love, my one true love

My one true love, my one true love,
who deserves a love letter more than you?
Through turbulent nights of worry and waiting,
endless days of yearning unabated; my one true love, my one true love,
how those words light me up from the Heavena above.

I've played and delayed, I've toyed and enjoyed,
with lovers aplenty there still yawned a void.
Never relenting, loneliness presenting,all before my own true love.

Sparkles and crackles, lightning and thunder,
my one true love brought the meaning of wonder.
A dozen, a score, a hundred and more,
Yea I've trod the boards of love,
my one true love set their memories asunder
with a show of the stars that I'm blessed to be under,
for my one true love, my one true love,
is the only one tonight I'll be dreaming of,

Decades of cramming, hamming and scamming,
decocting a life of adventures.
my one true love outlasted them all,
with interest far greater than the strongest debentures.
For the years will come and the years will go,
my one true love has stolen the show.
There'll be no encores for this ladies' man,
Yet our theater of life, this strong, shall stand.
For an audience of one, to play to each night
eagerly clapping for more.
For my one true love, my one true love,
has the only key to the door.

Dare to pursue a better life, not least with the One Shortcut Expressway.

If you don't do it, who will?
"If it's to be, it's up to me."

You do have a fan and coach... the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

If you have gone through the programs and CD's and more,
then you are already searching for the One Shortcut Expressway,
The great news is that the One Shortcut Expressway is already in you.
As a child you were trained, knowingly or not, to accede or to repeatedly persist.
Because you are able to recognize this, you get to use it as a thinking, effective adult.
One change. One shortcut. One improvement in any one or more of your repeated daily efforts.
WHAT DO YOU REPEAT MANY TIMES PER DAY? That's the place to start, instantly.
With nothing more and nothing less than deciding to do it better, you rise.
Excellence is nothing more and nothing less than an accumulation.
If you are going to repeat a given action a dozen times today,
count out, right now, how much of a difference you make.
One percent improvement, repeated one hundred times,
means far more than double where you started.
If you knew better, you would do better.
Now you know better, so show better.
This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

Please enjoy, the One Shortcut Expressway and Best Route To Longevity are free for your life.
Most of all, it's for my one true love, my one true love.