Life is filled with so many twists and turns.
Mentors are second only to experience.
For accelerated results, one must leap into action.
Finding mentors to review your approach is a big step.

Starting a business? Only a fool would ignore S.C.O.R.E.,
which remains free to all who are smart enough to ask.

Even twists & turns can be saddled to our mutual benefit.
The Pathway of One Shortcut - help yourself

With one of every two humans starving to death, let's feed people, NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Hunger and Starvtion Resolution With The Pathway of One Shortcut
Meritable sponsors donate 1.1 cups of staple food for our free clicks.
So, when we click the food button and the one that pops open you help save a human life... no cost to you.

The Pathway of One Shortcut - biggest source of powerful shortcuts?

Yep. biggest source of powerful shortcuts anywhere in the world, offline OR online
Now that is, admittedly, quite a large claim. And yet, it's made and offered:
The Pathway of One Shortcut does indeed appear to fit the bill,
comprised of the world's largest source of USEFUL shortcuts,
in the fact, the world's largest collection of useful shortcuts,
and they're all designed for your life, because of who you are.
The Pathway of One Shortcut believes wholeheartedly in you
and in your untapped potential. Largely untapped, that is, and it's time to tap it.
The moment you make the decision to leave mediocrity behind, you begin to feel it.
Act the way you want to be, and you shall become the way you act. Perfect truth here.
Of all the great PowerGems, this fits into the top three success shortcuts of all time.
If this one gorgeous axiom of life, a true and full-fledged PowerGem of excellence,
becomes your daily companion, you are going to be delighted in the coming days.
Yes, days, because that's all it takes to begin making enormous leaps forward.
If you knew better, you'd do better, so hush up and listen to those who do.
Masters and millionaires, leaders and role models, champions and achievers,
all of them understand the staggering power and value of acting the way you want to be.
If you're truly confused about how, just find someone you admire and duplicate their actions.
Do it over and over again and as you observe what works, your results increase dramatically.
Best of all, these better results come quickly, faster and faster with each round of repetitions.
You have found your way into the greatest winning streak of your life.
If you knew better, you'd be doing it better. Begin doing it better now.
Knowing where you are going makes a big difference in getting there.
The Pathway of One Shortcut embraces your potential. Now go, do, be.

Magnificent things happen in your life when you raise your belief levels.
That doesn't mean that a positive attitude suffices to solve problems,
because so far none of us have seen any useful evidence of that.
What it DOES mean is that your brain becomes better tuned,
more attuned, to resolve the challenges that every human faces.
As Erskine said, it's not the cards that life deals us; it's how we play those cards.

The Pathway of One Shortcut aims to keep each of us in a better frame of mind,
thinking, acting, and speaking as masters and champions habitually do.

Every human gets fourteen hundred and forty minutes per day.
How those minutes get invested determine our outcomes.
The Pathway of One Shortcutseeks to shape those minutes.
With the Pathway of One Shortcut, your growth is repeatedly accelerated.

As long as you continue doing things the same way every day, your results cannot change.
Doing things the same way repeatedly while expecting a different result is, medically, insane.
That's right, it's the actual medical definition of insanity, so let's try avoid that whenever possible.
This is the time, this is the place, this is the Pathway of One Shortcut, a most empowering place.

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Genuwine Poetry For Genuine Bernie

So you say.
How can it be holy?
You call it the holy land.
The facts hardly bear this out.
Inarguably the bloodiest land on earth.
None of them with brains enough to resolve.
Everything ultimately resolves, one way or another.
More often than not, nature decrees and effects a balance.
After a thousand tries and another thousand tries,
there is neither balance nor parity present.
That requires external intervention.
As always, talk is too cheap.
Action today IS history.
Make your choices,
use your voice.
Make holier
your now.

Grab more of your life, with the Pathway of One Shortcut.

Everyone's so adept at giving excuses, more so than listing ways to resolve.
Whether or not you are too thick to get it, you already begin with wealth.
You already live much better than most of the human beings alive today.
Did you know that?    A place to live, food to eat, and clean water?

A majority of humans do not have these three basic needs.
That gives you far greater opportunity to ask and ask.
Whatever it is you most want, just ask more people.

Forget every other success secret if you choose.
This one trick is the road to billionairehood.
Every billionaire can tell you this secret.

Ask more people more times each. Magic.
Do it one hundred times and you live it.