Welcome to the healthy world of Dr. David Cohen
arguably the greatest doctor on earth, offering naturopathy, Bodyscans, ayurveda, E.M.I., and so much more.

This naturopathic wizard, with over thirty years of study and practical application,
enjoys a nearly uninterrupted string of successes guiding people to heal themselves naturally.
What's his secret?       Great question... ... with simple answers:
  1. Dr. Cohen has a broad variety of advanced technology-based devices, all of which enjoy high, but not total success rates. Because of this, he's never made claims, even as scores of patients sing the praises of his naturopathic approach. He believes (correctly, it turns out), that applying up to a dozen different types of naturopathic (natural) therapies, added to his encyclopedic knowledge of nutrients, a synergistic natural support is created to help each individual heal from within... naturally. He does not diagnose your symptoms; your medical doctor has probably already done that. He looks to the CAUSE of the symptom, to help you to help yourself, to heal yourself, naturally.

  2. Using the Bodyscan2010, which measures your precise sensitivities to some 16,000 substances, toxins, molds, bacteria, fungi, and more, a qualified technician can immediately determine what parts/organs in your body are off-balance, why, and what the smartest way back to balance is.

  3. People often use "can't afford" as an excuse not to get healthy, so Dr. Cohen provides generous free follow-ups - VERY generous free follow-ups -- to every Bodyscan patient. The basic idea is that those who care enough about their own health to to commit themselves to action will be given repeated opportunities to use the healthy, natural, noninvasive devices and information that encourages natural healthy balance. Those people are worth admiring, and receive these follow-ups at no further charge.
This approach has proven to be inarguably worthwhile, perhaps the healthiest approach to the underlying causes of disease and disorder, with solid proof in his patients' high rate of success.  In sum, Dr. Cohen refuses to gather personal wealth on the pain and suffering of other humans. That's a disease unto itself, isn't it?     As MisterShortcut loves to say, "Learn more, and live more"

With knowledge in your pocket, you CAN regain your natural state of healthy balance;
you CAN live younger longer, live healthier and happier... naturally!

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