Whoever and wherever your are, there are people nearby who cannot feed themselves.
Each piece of currency you give to someone near you who cannot feed themselves,
each act of giving that is deducted from your money or your time is power itself.
Your power multiplies. Perhaps you should look "power" up in the dictionary.
More than a dozen definitions down the long list you will find the best one.
'The ability to take action or create an effect.'
That is power. Your power multiplies when you give it away, like hugs.
Wealth is easily, quickly increased through this one immutable fact.
At risk of sounding trite, "the more you give, the more you get."
That's not the hope of someone blindly embracing optimism,
it is a perfect rule of life, a PowerGem, that always works.
Ignore all naysayers. If they knew better, they'd do so.
Since they don't, always ask those who are doing.
They are the horse's mouth, and know better.
Welcome to the rest of your life and more,
with shortcuts of masters, champions,
and your Pathway of One Shortcut.

If I ask ten people for help,
where you ask one hundred,
you will inevitably obtain more.
You want what? Who can help?
A written list ignites your progress.
Each new contact fuels the fire nicely.
T.V. time is time you will never get back.
Throw your television into the garbage can,
and your wealth surely grows that much faster.
Stop engaging in petty conversations: they're petty.
Wise minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events,
while mediocre minds discuss little more than other people.
Are your thoughts and actions petty, middle-of-the-road, or noble?
The higher you reach, the higher you strive, so find more people to ask.
Ask them more times each, and you will become the Pathway of One Shortcut.


MisterShortcut reminds you that the Pathway of One Shortcut is already alive and inside of you.

As a child, when you wanted that ice cream enough, you did not take "No" for an answer.

You asked again and again, held your breath, uttered threats and imprecations,
tried Grandma, Grandpa, and the kind old lady down the street.
You either gave up after each "No," or you kept asking.
From the day you are born until the day you move on,
Eighty percent of every "Yes" you ever hear...
. comes after you have asked...
seven or more times each.



How do you like those apples? It's a powerfect bit of wisdom, both powerful and perfect, which is why it's a PowerGem.
Try it in the next 24 hours. Whatever you ask for, make sure you ask at least seven times, very clearly, for what you want.
Every single "No" you hear is good, for two reasons. First, it teaches you how NOT to ask, secondly, you are one closer.
Knowing what NOT to ask encourages your mind to more easily produce better ways to ask, yielding more "Yesses."

Even if you have to ask one hundred people, which is doubtful, at least one or two or more will say yes to you.
So, whenyou determine in advance that you will ask one hundred people if that's what it takes to get a handful of "Yesses,"
every time you hear "No," you should be happy, because, mathematically speaking, you are now one closer to your "Yes!."
Please stop telling us what you can do, and show us. Better yet, show the face in the mirror closest to where you are now.
Each time you develop newer and better ways of asking, you increase your success rate, achieving more of what you want.

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What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Stop flapping your lips at us. What you know means less than what you DO with what you know.
PowerGems such as asking ten people ten times in the next ten hours will change your life forever.
These are not just PowerGems of MisterShortcut, not just Pathway of One Shortcut PowerGems.
They are the PowerGems of the people who prove that they know best by doing the best.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires show better, and know better.
They use their own Pathway of One Shortcut PowerGems, and get better results.
If you knew better, you would do better. PowerGems yield YOUR fast-track.
When you embrace the use of Pathway of One Shortcut PowerGems,
you rapidly enter the places you have already fantasized about.
Ask ten or more people up to ten times each, if you need to.
In the first ten times that you repeat even this one cycle,
you become, that quickly, a nascent Master of Life.
Shhh. Suspending opinions is a huge PowerGem,
among the most important things we can know.
First, do that something 100 or 1,000 times,
the only path to real mastery of any task,
Shhh. Less talking, more doing.
Your actions speak so loudly
we can hardly hear a word

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